Jennifer Jane - Singer/Actress/Lyricist -
Today, Tomorrow...From Now On.
This wedding song I wrote for my sister who passed away 6 weeks after. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it, writing it and singing it for her! It touches my heart deeply now that she is gone, but she will never be forgotten!!
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As I dive into my soul whenever I sing, my hope is to bring you along.  Whether I am singing a ballad that is touching your heart, or jumping around on top of a chair with touching the inner child of fun, I hope the music is touching you somehow- someway.  I LOVE to sing and perform and if you are singing along with a smile, clapping your hands, tapping your toes or your feet- I know my purpose has been fulfilled!
My is to bring you fun and bring you a bit of a tickle inside leaving for the night or day as though you would like to come back and the same level of fun!  I hope to see you at an event, or see you again and get to know you better.  I hope to see you dance and sing and and holler! 
Enjoy the ride of music as it dances in your soul and takes you on a journey throughout your emotions!!  After all isn't this what we all seek in some way or another?  Music is a very powerful tool that can carry us through the times, lift us up and motivate us, make us , make us cry, make us feel like we have wings and can fly!  It can help us understand, brings us comfort, and help us see more than just our side.  Music can be our muse, can be our and can be everything we want our lives to be!  Music is the Soul!!

  - owner of Fin's Restaurant and Shark Bar.  805-478-2786

 Jennifer Jane voted
Best Musician in The Sun's Readers Poll for Northern Santa Barbara 2013
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